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EXCLUSIVE: Tune into NE:MM at 10am TODAY!

Check out at 10 am Tuesday 6th Dec to find out more...

When the mix is done!

How we mix #behindthescenes 😎🙌🈁👀🍉

NEXT GIG: 6th November, The Tyne Bar, FREE!

We'll be playing the inimitable Tyne Bar on 6th November alongside Kay Greyson in support of Dusk, who are touring from Leeds. We'll be playing our next single as well as a couple of other songs from our next EP. Doors: 7.30pm. Price: Free. See you there.

Remixing in the Asylum

You can hear a remix we did of therunningchelsea's song, Requiem for Dorothy, along with equally outstanding remixes by Ako and Outside Your House at the Bandcamp page for Nijinsky's Asylum:

Nijinsky's Asylum: The Moon, Reversed

Stream for free or download from £3.

Northern Electric Was A Blast - Pics

Some pics of us playing at Little Buildings on Saturday night as part of the Northern Electric Festival. Thanks Lou Martin for snapping these. Make sure you check out Lou's profile to see more of the bands performing on Saturday.

The gig was fun - our first live set in about a year and a chance for us to give a few new songs their first run out of the studio.

The Festival was buzzing, from the Tyne Bar to the Cumberland Arms, it was really great to see the variety and quality of the electronic music scene in the North East. Thanks to Steve Chell, Simeon Soden et al for organising and inviting us to play. We're sure it will be back bigger and better than before next year.

More gigs and single news soon...

30 seconds...

Here's a short behind the scenes snippet of some videoing we did the other night. We expect to release our new song in October. More soon!

Video in progress...

Tonight we're here shooting a video for our new song.

Listen to Ville Radieuse on NEF Compilation FREE

Here you go:
Lots of other good stuff on here too.

New track!

Also check out a new track from us on this compilation from Kaneda Records featuring some fine artists playing at this year's Northern Electric Festival. Released later this week!!


We're playing here on August 13th. Come along and support your local electronic music scene.