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SINGLE OUT TODAY: Pack of Cards!

Hello. You can stream and download our new single, Pack of Cards, via our Bandcamp page (name your price): Pack of Cards by What We Call Progress Pack of Cards is a dark synth pop take on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's about those who have power and how they use it, but it's also about the spaces and possibilities which exist to undermine and subvert that power. Aphasic  is inspired by and includes an extract from " Theses on the philosophy of history " by Walter Benjamin. Benjamin is a Marxist writer who is commenting on the painting, Angelus Novus  (The Angel of History), by Paul Klee. History is not unending progress, but rather can be viewed as an unceasing accumulation of ruins.

Pack Of Cards Cover Art

Here's a sneaky peek at the artwork for our new single, out on 30th March. Belta.


Here's a quick preview of Aphasic , which will be the "B-side" of our new single, Pack of Cards . It's out on 30th March via :


OMG GIG NEWS!!! We're playing Evolution Emerging 2015 on May 23rd alongside the likes of Lisbon, Hyde & Beast and Shields. You can read more details about the line-up over at NARC . We're headlining at Ernest , playing with acoustic singer-songwriters Joe Ramsey , Melissa Rose and Lesley Roley : At Ernest, guitar/electronic duo What We Call Progress, purveyors of everything experimental glitch-house with a touch of early David Sylvian, are headlining the event. Middlesbrough-born singer-songwriter Joe Ramsey joins them, alongside Northumberland-based songstress Melissa Rose and haunting acoustic star Lesley Roley.

MORE RADIO STUFF: Tonight on BBC Introducing in the North East!

Pack of Cards, our new single being released at the end of this month, will be played tonight on Nick Roberts' Introducing in the North East show from 8pm. Listen online, on 95.4FM or on digital radio. LINK:

RADIO NEWS! Hit the North (East) playing Pack of Cards TONIGHT!

NE1FM, home to the rather fabulous Hit the North (East), are playing our track, Pack of Cards, this very evening. They're on air now (from 7-9pm) and you can listen to the whole thing online at NE1FM . We'll release Pack of Cards via our Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages at the end of this month.